Let's answer those questions.


Wait, what is Sierra Club?

I am happy you asked. I will let Wikipedia do what it does best. I'll be here when you get back, pinky promise.


Does all the money go to Sierra Club?

YES! Absolutely. The sole purpose of this site is to raise money for an organization that fights for the environment.


Is my donation tax deductible?

At this time, no. Your ‘donation” is technically a purchase. I will be taking the money collected through this site and donating it directly to Sierra Club. I will not take any tax deductions myself.


Are you a member?

Yes! And you can be too! Join here. Your next question may be... "Do you volunteer?" No, this site is my way of going beyond the membership fee and supporting in a way that I am able to.


Is this a travel blog?

No, these are gussied up Google Docs my cohorts and I used to plan and organize trips. Consider them your "gift" for donating.


Can I ask questions about one of the trips?

Yes! Please email me via the contact page. Happy to help and give any tips or advice that may not be in the Doc.


Can I contribute one of my Google Docs?

Yes! Please email me via the contact page and we'll make it happen.


Do you have TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry?

Yes, all of the above. I have a Chase Sapphire Reserve Card. The benefits are great which include, Global Entry/Pre-Check and Priority Pass among many other benefits that can be useful to frequent travelers.